The Right Bistro Patio Set For Your Outdoor Lifestyle

For every homeowner, the patio is perhaps the best spot to hold moderate to large parties. Indeed, the patio’s proximity to the garden and yard makes it an ideal place to celebrate birthdays, wedding anniversaries, or casual Sunday barbeques with friends and families.

However, you can also relax and enjoy the flowery breeze in your patio by yourself with a little cup of freshly brewed coffee and a nice plate of creamy pastry. Or you can also have a casual chat with a couple or two of companions, like your wife, father, or best friend, in the patio. Such activities would be absolutely perfect if you have a bistro set.

What Is A Bistro Patio Set?

A bistro is a sort of simple café that likewise offers simple menus. It is very popular in Paris because of its reputation to serve meals and coffees quickly. A bistro set is simply made up of small tables and chairs, usually two or three.

Bistro Patio Set Material

The classic bistro set is a three-piece wooden set made up of a small rectangular folding table and two chairs that can be also folded. Bistro patio sets built from wood is simple, yet elegant-looking.

Another popular material for these sets is stainless steel. With a tensile strength of 860 MPa, stainless steel is one of the toughest metals known to man. It goes without saying that any material made from stainless steel would be tough and sturdy. Homeowners love stainless bistro sets because of its toughness. The only drawback with stainless steel bistro tables and chairs is that they are somewhat heavy and difficult to move around.

A perfect alternative to stainless steel bistro set is one that is made from aluminum. Aluminum sets will also last for a long time. And the great thing is that you will not have any problems moving it from one favorite spot in your patio to another-aluminum is very light.

Plastic bistro sets are also becoming more and more popular these days. Made from tough plastic material like vinyl, plastic sets can also last for a long time. And the best thing with these are that they are very affordable.

Sometimes, one material is combined to make a bistro set. For instance, a bistro patio table might have a wooden top and stainless steel or aluminum legs. Wooden bistro patio chairs with metal legs and backrests are also common.

Bistro Patio Set Design

There are many bistro designs on the market. One of the most popular is the traditional rectangular folding wooden patio tables and chairs. Elegantly designed aluminum bistro patio sets with small rounded tables are also one of the favorites of homeowners. Bistro patio sets with padded chairs are also a hot item.

Choosing Your Bistro Patio Set

Selecting a set is up to the homeowner’s personal taste. However, there are some considerations that homeowners should take before buying a bistro patio set. For one thing, the bistro set should fit in the patio. If you have a traditional patio, you might as well consider a traditional-looking wooden bistro set. Would it not be strange if you will put an exotically designed bistro set on your traditional patio? So, remember: your bar patio set should fit in your patio.

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